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SOLD: Telenordia TA-100 Overdrive

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spinal tap

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For sale is a Telenordia TA-100 Overdrive pedal in excellent condition with included power supply. Very minor scuffs on the back cover that are difficult to distinguish and photograph due to raw metal case. No Velcro.

SOLD shipped to the lower 48 via PayPal gift (or standard plus 3%).

Factory Description:
The TA-100 Overdrive is a musical instrument effects unit that produces the classical sound of an overdriven tube amplifier and delivers up to 55dB of gain. Gain and output level are independently adjustable, a Tone control allows the attenuation of the high frequency content of the signal.

Its unique germanium semiconductor circuitry provides a warm and dirty overdrive sound in the low to medium distortion range. While having a distinct sonic quality, it is still transparent and dynamically sensitive, thus preserving the characteristics of the amplifiers and instruments used.

The unit may be powered from a single 9V battery or a 7-18V DC external power supply.

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