Soldano HR25 vs Freidman Runt 50

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Big Al Z, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Big Al Z

    Big Al Z Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2003
    The snow of Cleveland Ohio and sun of Daytona Bch
    So I've been thinking about moving to a two channel amp. I had a HR50 years ago and still remember that sound. I played thru a Runt 50 yesterday and was pretty much amazed at the different sounds I could get out of it. Gain channel cleans up real well !

    I'm in the standard weekend cover band playing 90's and some classic rock currently using pedals to get a lot of my overdrive tones. The Dr Z Z-Drive is working real well. I need clean tones for a few songs but that's about it. The wattage of the HR25 will be fine - 50 is really not needed.

    So anyone had a chance to compare these side by side ? Any preferences ?

    Thanks - Al Z.
  2. ColonelForbin

    ColonelForbin Member

    Jun 16, 2015
    Yeah, I haven't played the Soldano.. I've got the Runt50 combo - love it! Loud and heavy, but awesome...
    They also make a Runt20 that might be worth checking out for the lower price and wattage?

    The Runt20 has the same XLR out as the 50, but also features a built-in speaker load, so you can run it silent..

  3. tmac

    tmac Goldmember Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 29, 2002
    The Swamp (Gainesville, Florida)
    A buddy brought over his Soldano HR25 the other night and we played it with my Runt 20. Yes I'm biased but much preferred my Runt as I lean towards vintage-y Marshall type tones. The Runt is richer to me and while the Soldano sounded very good it is a more modern/gainy sound. Crunch channel on the Soldano is very good but not really great dialed back for clean tones. The clean side of the Runt is good and more useable for me than the HR25. The lead channel of the HR25 or an SLO has never done a lot for me - just too distorted, but if you need that uber gain it's great. I prefer a more dynamic OD tone.
  4. jlb32

    jlb32 Member

    Jan 2, 2009
    They are really 2 different amps with 2 different voicings. For clearer clean tones the Runt will probably be somewhat better than the HR25. The HR25 will do nice cleans but it's not it's strong point if using alot of super clean tones is important in what you play.

    On the gain side of things the HR25 wins easy IMO (depending on the preferred voicing). It can do pretty much everything.

    The crunch channel can go from clean, to country, to lower gain rock, mid gain rock, blues, up to pretty gainy hard rock. The OD channel on the HR25 takes over where the crunch channel leaves off and goes from great mid gain tones to all out heavy gain, as much as you will ever need, if needed. Stays clear and articulate no matter what the gain setting. The Runt can not come close to the higher gain tones the HR25 can pull off.

    Either way it really comes down to voicing. They both are killer amps but the HR25 just stands out IMO. It's gain tones, whether low gain or super high gain, are just amazing sounding and unique to Soldano amps.

    Both can sound Marshallesque if dialed in that way.
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