Soldano SLO poweramp board, electrolytic cap questions!


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I've got a 1995 SLO with 2 of the six 200uf 300v axial capacitors that have the leads broken off right at the cap. They are the blue Mallory aluminum ones and I know they are very hard to come by these days and or expensive. Soldano now uses radial caps on the powerboard and have for some time. It's a pretty easy fix and in my search for caps about the only one that is right at 200uf 300v is an Illinois cap but it is shorter so will not line up exactly where the leads go into the board. The closest I've found were some Sprague that are rated at 220uf 350v. Is that compatible with the ones that are broke or do I need to go with the Illinois. The Sprague look to be the right size and length to fit on the board and are blue so they won't look so out of place replacing them lol. I suppose I should probably replace all 6 as its 21 years old but besides the Illinois caps being to short, which could be made to work I supect they are to wide to get them all on the board/3 on top and 3 on bottom of board.

Any advice for this situation?


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Modern e-caps are smaller, but no lower in quality than larger, older ones. Like when you're replacing those old, cardboard wrapped Mallorys in the doghouse of vintage Fender amps with F&Ts, and suddenly theres lots of empty space in the doghouse. No worries.

Also, don't worry about matching the uF rating exactly. E-caps are rated for 20 to 50% tolerance! But do match or exceed the voltage rating.

Radial caps are made in such large quantities by manufacturers, they're way cheaper than axials.


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Spring for the cash and send it to soldano for the updated cap board.

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