Soldano X88R Preamp, pedals friendly??


Hi guys, I currently using Soldano X88R on my rack system and power it with Marshall 9100. And now I got new overdrive pedal and few other stompbox and I really like it. But my friend say that he prefer using pedal with hi-end amp such as Marshall SLP, Two Rock, or Fender tube amp, those amps has really great clean sound and can take any overdrive pedal perfectly.

Honestly I don't have any of those amps right now. I only have my X88R and Marshall 9100 to plug my pedals into. Since X88R is one of the best preamp and Marshall 9100 is also a great power amp, what do you guys think? Any of you guys run pedalboard into X88R? Any suggest how great its sound compare to the "real amp"?

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