Soldering help: Mogami 2319 w/ Switchcraft 380s and GLS pancakes


I'm building a largish pedalboard around a Musicom EFX Mk IV on a Trailer Trash board and am using the supplies listed in the thread title. I'm not new to soldering but by no means an expert and, though I like the dimensions on the cable and plugs I've chosen, I'm not finding them the easiest to make clean solder connections on.
1) I haven't been able to find videos of soldering strategies for these specific plugs. Any links? Anyone willing to make one (I'll send gifts!)? Specifics on length of strip for shield and center conductor, which direction to route leads and whether or not to bother with the holes on the lugs are all things I'd appreciate thoughts on.

2) Do you more experienced builders pre-bend any of the lugs on either plug to make soldering easier/ more efficient/ more reliable?

3) I have several soldering irons including pointed and chisel tips. Best choice for proper technique on these plugs?

4) What will be the most efficient wire strippers for the Mogami 2319? I have a LOT of connections to solder and don't mind using 2 strippers (one for outer insulator and one for center conductor).

I plan to use heatshrink (3/8" on the Switchcraft 380s and 1/4"on the GLS pancakes) and am aware of the need to remove the black stuff around the core on the Mogami cable.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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