Solid Dynamic Arc Ultra Cable..anyone give this a listen?


Did some searching around for some opinions on this cable from some of you guys who might have tried it. It looks and feels bomb proof!

Curious to see if someone was able to give a good comparison of this cable vs say a Lyric or Vovox.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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You should PM Fyrwyr on here. He has this cable and posted about it some time ago. Hope that helps.


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I own a few of each and this is what I have found. The Lyric HG allows a little more bass to go through than the Solid. I like my Lyrics with Marshally and Voxy amps and I like the Solid with Dumbly, Fendery amps. Both cables are top notch. The Solid doesn't tangle like the Lyric. With the Lyric cables, you have to unravel them carefully when you play, otherwise you can break them if they fold too tightly. The Solid Cables are just that, Solid! So get both.


143 I got both and played them for quite a bit today/tonight. First off...!!!! What a dramatic difference from the Monster Cable Gold cables I was using. I thought it was playing tricks on me! There is absolutely no denying that cables can drastically affect sound. It was so great that I had to completely adjust my amp settings and my pedals.

Regarding the cables I definitely found the HG to, not only have more highs, but also lows. Just a tad more of each I felt. Both cables had great punch and feel...I'm certain they will both change though after a break in period.

You're not kidding...that HG is like a freaking Anaconda! Sucker is thick and stiff! I do however like that it lays straight when laid on the floor. It doesn't get all coiled up and junk. The Solid is incredibly flexible and looks bullet proof. Great feel when handling.

I think I'm going to wait another week before making a final decision on which cable to go with. I do want to try a Vovox I think.


Gotta post on these cables, zero affiliation here. But I've been on the hunt for a long time and was just about to go nuts, hahaha! I gotta say that as of last week, the Solid Cables Dynamic Arc Ultra is my goto and has my highest regards for the following reasons:

1) Tone being absolutely #1, the Dynamic Are Ultra is simply the best sounding cable I have ever played. Seriously. I think it sounds better than both Vovox offerings, Lava Ultramafic, the EA Reveal and even the Lyric HG!!! Not to mention all the other cables in my list below.

2) It just so happens that the Dynamic Arc Ultra is also THE best made cable I have ever held in my hands. It is tough as nails with no drawbacks (flexibility, etc.).

The only issue is that they are pricey (10' @ $140, 15' @ $150, 20' @ $170) So the longer lengths are better prices. I wish he offered 12 footers.

If you can afford $10/ft - these are a must try.

Here's the laundry list over the last 5-6 years:
Analysis Plus Green Oval
Armor Gold
Bullet Cable (Slug Kit)
Canare GS6
EA Reveal
EA Forte
EA Lyric HG
EA Melody
Fender California
Fulltone Gold
George L's .225
Lava Blue Demon
Lava Clear Connect
Lava Soar
Lava Ultramafic
Mogami Gold
Mogami Platinum
Monster Rock/Jazz
Planet Waves American Stage
Solid Cables Dynamic Arc Ultra
Solid Cables GT Series
Sommer Grindy Cop Beast
Vovox Link Protect A
Vovox Sonorus
Zaolla Silver

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