Sollo Amps - Mini 8 (Small Demo)


First of all:
DISCLAIMER: The amp was loaned to me, by the manufactor. I'm not affliliated with the company. It was a loan to test the amp.

Sollo Amps is a relatively new builder from Brazil. They currently have 3 models in their range, the Mini8 (8w), Mini20 (20w) and Mini50 (50w).
Their website is located at:

I had the Mini8 over for testing.

About the amp.
The Mini8 is a 8W all tube amp. (2x 12x7 on pre and 1x EL84 on power section).
It features 2 channels, clean and drive. It also features an effects loop.
The amp has 4/8/16ohms output, and it can take power from either 110v or 220v powerlines, according to the switch on the back.
It comes with a padded gigbag, footswitch and power cables.

The clean channel bypass the tonestack entirely, going straight from the input, to the loop, to the power section. And to me at least, it is usable, but the lack of a tonestack for this channel, makes it almost mandatory to have an EQ pedal, if you really want to extract all that this channel has to offer.

The drive channel features a 3 band EQ plus a gain control.
Each channel has its own volume control.

The drive channel reminds of a modern-ish Marshall amp. It can sound a lot like a JCM900, and a bit like a JCM2000-DSL. There's a lot of gain on tap, but going above 3:00hrs makes it enter into the fuzz-ish territory. The best sound i got from the amp was leaving the gain around 1:00hrs and boosting it with a TS-Like pedal. Very natural and usable high-gain sound.

I made a video sample of the Mini8, going through a Behringer BG412S (4x12 cabinet) with the original speakers (i don't know what they are).

The signal chain is:
Ibanez RG421 -> Mini8 -> 4x12 cab.
And the audio was closed mic with a Sony NEX-6 camera.

I reckon not many people have heard from this amp, and perhaps this will help a bit. :)


Recorded another video, this time in Drop D.

Same amp, same guitar, same everything, except the tuning and the riff i played. :)


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