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Discussion in 'Acoustic Instruments' started by Jimmy 3, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Jimmy 3

    Jimmy 3 Member

    Dec 9, 2014
    Hi Everyone,

    Got some great input last week regarding Faith Guitars (not readily available here in the US, but still possible to get in the US) . . . appreciate those who responded. Based on your input, and reviews online, certainly sounds like something that should be in my final considerations (even though I'd have to buy online before I try as there aren't any dealers here in NY).

    As I shared previously, I'm two years into playing (have two electrics) and am in the process of doing research as I'd like to get my first acoustic.
    Love bands like KISS, Firehouse, Cinderella/Tom Keifer and Slaughter so I'm looking forward to adding the acoustic to cover much of their "lighter-side" of things, as well as expanding into some of the pop/country artists I enjoy (Keith Urban and Eric Church).

    So with the research I've done and what I've been able to try locally, I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide input on which of the following you'd get:

    1. Faith Venus Guitar (either Naked or Natural series)
    2. Seagull mini-jumbo
    3. Breedlove Pursuit Concert?

    Any other strong recommendation in the $500 - $700 range?

    Appreciate the input and advice. Thanks in advance.

    Best to all,

  2. ceanat

    ceanat Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2008
    Mainly Australia
    My 2 cents. I am unsure about Faith guitars and am unfamiliar with the body wood on that model. So between the Breedlove and the Seagull though they all look like nice guitars and you probably wont go wrong with any though I think you would be taking a chance on the Faiths bodywood.
    For mine the Seagull with its mahogany body maybe better suited to voice than rosewood.
    The pickups are a toss-up either one would be OK. Buy the guitar for the wood you can always change the pup. The Breedlove would probably sound a bit more mellow. I am a fan of Mahogany body acoustics though. Seagull make a tough guitar as well. On my experience though not with those particular models I would go with Seagull.
  3. frquent flyer

    frquent flyer Member

    Mar 11, 2009
    try seagull,they are nice for what you pay.
  4. paulscape

    paulscape Member

    Jun 22, 2007
    red dog saloon
    Look around for a Martin X series. A Martin is a Martin.
  5. choucas09

    choucas09 Member

    Dec 14, 2009
    Wimborne, England.
    About tenish years ago a local shop had some Faith guitars in. They were the cheapest all solid guitars I'd played (still are), I was amazed.... big bold woody sound and you just knew they would open up into lap pianos with age and playing. Never saw any more until last year when another local shop had one in.

    So... not a great test I grant you, but in the high end acoustic section there was this Faith slope shouldered thing hanging up. The guitars were all in locking hangers and as I was just browsing I just strummed them as they hung.

    Now there were high end Gibsons, Martins, Taylors and all sorts including some Mc' something or others which were 6,000 pounds i.e. $9,000 and the all mahogany slope Faith which was 800 pounds ie $1200 won the day convincingly. So that's all I know.
  6. Astronaut FX

    Astronaut FX Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    Midwestern Hellride
    In your budget, you should be able to get into a decent acoustic with solid back/sides. I'd advise against anything with laminated back/sides. When buying an acoustic, unless money is no object, buy with your ears not your eyes.

    Even to a greater extent than with electrics, in many cases, a more attractive acoustic with laminated construction, is going to sound worse, than a plain jane acoustic that is better constructed.

    In your price range, you may even want to consider a used acoustic. And depending on where you live, invest in a humidifier, even it that's only a simple homemade sponge deal.
  7. dalemccall

    dalemccall Member

    Dec 16, 2014
    IMHO solid spruce top is the most important. Check out a used Japanese Takamine with electronics like the ef341sc for instance. Same axe Garth Brooks used before his Takamine signature series. Lots of great guitars have laminate sides and back so I beg to differ with the above recommendation, especially in your price range.

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