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Some Blues Clips with the HD500

arthur rotfeld

Silver Supporting Member
I thought I’d share some clips of demos I just recorded for an upcoming blues book project I’m doing.

I recorded a few tracks with the HD500 using tweed and blackface sims. I used the Screamer in front of the tweed amp to boost it and give it more gain, and the plate reverb. The mic is the 409. I must say I love the ease of recording this way and I’m quite happy with the sound of the unit. I set the sag settings are up pretty high, so the feel is realistic too.

Here’s a Strat into a Tweed setting:

Here’s a 335 into a Blackface setting:


Great!!! First clip: very very good licks, well played.
Second clip: instant B.B.King!
I think you know how to set up in the right that toy and your hands do the rest of the job!

arthur rotfeld

Silver Supporting Member
^^Thanks. Much appreciated, guys.

Ok….I just uploaded my tones.

I’m reasonably sure these were the tones used in the clips. I don’t have too much saved, so probably:

For the tweed tone, I did use the TS and the Mid boost—that I remember. Can’t recall if I used the spring reverb, kinda think it was the plate.

It appears that for the blackface tone I used an older setting that I used on a gig, for this recording I turned all the effects off, except the spring reverb. (The various effects settings are representative of what I might use on a gig, FWIW.)


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