Some Free Mix IR's (WAV Format)


I downloaded and slapped these onto my KPA last night and gave them a whirl with some Friedman HBE, Peavey 5150 and Framus Dragon profiles that I saved as my faves and I have to say that these IRs are excellent! Thanks to @Leon Todd and @gigsup for these. I am looking forward to trying them out on my HR Gigboard sometime later in the week as well.


Is the LT TV Mix2 available for Helix format? The one on Dropbox doesn’t have the “2” after the file name.
Great IR's, thanks Leon.

FYI and everyone else, a great, simple and free resource for working with IR's is "IR WorkShop" from @valdiorn

If you have IR's with low volume that you want to normalize with other commercial IR's, once you figure out in your modeler how much added gain you need, it's realtively simple to load the IR in IR WorkShop, apply the gain, and save a new copy.

Also, if you have IR's from various vendors that you want to mix together but they aren't in phase with each other, you get all kinds of wonky sounds due to phase cancellation. You can also load your IR's into the program, apply MPT (Minimum Phase Transform), save those, and then mix away to your hearts content. This opens a whole new world of tone creation mixing say Greenbacks with V30's.

You can even create a mixed IR in the program and save that so you only use 1 effect block in your modeler if # of IR slots are limited (looking at you, Boss!).


alex mansman

Sorry to bump an old thread but these are some killer IR’s. I just started using the TV Mix2 in my Axe FX III and loving it. Any info on what mics were used?

Leon mentions it occasionally in his videos and if memory serves me right they are 57/121 mixes

Drop The Sun

Thank you Leon for being the coolest guy on the Youtube! I'm a long time follower and just googled to find your WAV IR's to test them with my Helix...and I ended up here.

This is Helix Cali IV Lead + LT TV Mix 2. I tried to mimic one of Ragdoll riffs in here, just to be in the right ballpark...



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The ones to use are under the LT Original folder? (Three wave files)

And if I want to try these on the QC, I need to upload them via browser and then import to the device from the Cloud?

@Leon Todd , did you try these IR’s on the QC?

Gray Ghost

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Thanks! That particular IR is a Shure SM7b and Royer 121 blended.

These impulse responses are freaking legit!!! Loaded them in my stomp and they sound better to me than some of the highly touted ones! Can't wait for my FM3 to get here and try them with that!

Leon Todd

@Drop the sun that sounds sick! Is that with the Strandberg? I love how tight and percussive those chugs at the end are.

@Whizzinby I have tried these on the QC - the "original" folder aren't normalised so if you're loading IR's into the QC try one of the 48k folders. They work great on the QC once you upload them to the cloud. If you don't want to do that though I've just hooked the QC up to my computer and my interface to take captures of the WAV's, so they should be on the cloud as captures soon.

@Gray Ghost glad to hear they're working for you! Once you get the FM3 I've posted a few free cab packs on the forum with a bunch of extra single mic and mix IR's with both those cabs if you want to go down that rabbit hole :D

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