Some fun with the Roland GR-20...Sanborn's parts on Bowie's Young Americans


I'm playing a Bowie Tribute show in Chicago next week and I was given the sax lines to the tune as well as Alomar's phased out guitar break. I had a friend who had a GR-20 he was getting rid of cheap so I thought "hey, what the hey" and picked it up. I'm glad I did!

This is the basic Alto Sax sound on the Roland GR-20. I cover David Sanborn's intro and bridge sax solo's, as well as the Carlos Alomar's bridge guitar break. This is recorded straight to the camera mic picking up my amp. You can hear the string noise to show it's just picking up the room sound and not run direct through any other device, trust me, it sounds tight without the string noise. You can also hear when I switch to the guitar send, at that time I'm also stomping in a EHX Small Stone can't play that part without a phaser!

I notice too that I need to maybe turn the guitar pickup down slightly for the transistion.



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