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Some of the worst guitar playing I've ever heard!

Chrome Dinette

Senior Member
I thought this thread was going to be about me for a minute...

When I see a thread title like this, I assume it is going to be someone I like(or possibly myself).

As for what language they are speaking, I would guess Hungarian, based on the spelling of the words on the set piece.


Gold Supporting Member
Would it change your opinion if the guy was classically-trained and each note was written out in a score?


I am going to have to profile his tone on my Axe-FX/Kemper...


But I do admit when I saw the thread title I thought someone had found one of my Youtube videos... :omg

Cary Chilton

Senior Member
I am finally better than someone else!!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS~

Made my day! Now I have braggin rights!:banana