someone explain duesenberg guitars to me


wow.. complete ignorance eh?
i've heard them, never by themselves unless its on some sound clip over cheap monitors.. they look cool as hell, and seem to have a little higher price point than i originally thought.. but what could you compare them to?
sorry for such the vague question, just watched the lap steel video and i'm suddenly developing an itch!


Some seem to fit into the Gretsch, Harmony, Airline type thing with a hollow body, Dearmond type pups-Bigsby. They look great. I'd like to check one out.


I agree, they look cool as hell.
Remind me of a classic car with their lines and paint schemes.
Mike Campbell likes them!


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One word explanation:

I posted a review on mine a short time after I got it.

An interesting side note:
I spoke with Natan from Duesenberg before the guitar arrived at my house and he told me 2 things that really made alot of sense to me now.

1) Take it to a tech and get it set up first. (Good idea for any guitar being sent through a shipping service across the country).
The guitar arrived in tune from NY to TX, but I still took it in to get a clean bill of health first.

2) Give it a couple of days for the sound to grow on you.
I didn't understand it until I got it. It was love at first listen with the neck pickup, but the middle and bridge positions took a few days for me to get used to. It seems I had the bridge pickup set too low and it was killing the tone of the middle position. I raised the treble side of the bridge pickup and all is good now. I have become acclimated to how the guitar feels and plays now, and it is perfect for me. Completely happy at this point.

Hope this helps
Robbie McIntosh played an orange one when I saw him with John Mayer. It sounded gorgeous. Had kind of a nice Gretsch aesthetic going.


i suppose they put the single coil type pickup in the neck because their bucker is louder and perhaps too strong??
of all the sound clips i've heard they seem to fall right into that gretsch thing .. i've been eyeing a jet type guitar for a while now because they have that hollowbody type jangle thing going on.. next time we are in a city with a dealer i'm going to have to spend some time in a store :)
if you have anything else, please share.. trying to learn what i can about them.. any idea when that lap steel is supposed to be hitting the us market??


that clip rocks though.. it almost sounds like the high mids are scooped in the pickups making it sound like its out of phase a little bit..
what pickup selection did you use on that clip?


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hehehe, I just thought this was a great subject line for a thread :) Seinfeld style "and whats the deal with these things?"
but ummm, yeah. These guitars do look very cool. I've only had absolute minimal experience actually playing them. I picked one up and played it without plugging in for about a minute. They seem well made, but not really 'exquisite' by any means. Kind of a cool vibe to them. Generally remeniscent of Gretsches.
I see they make several models that combine a humbucker with a P90-esque single coil of some sort. My local guitar store is a dealer, I'm gonna have to stop by soon and check one out. I'll post a review once i do.