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Someone hands you a guitar at a social gathering...what do you play?


I can play at home for hours and have gigged for several years. However, I can't think of a single thing to play when I demo equipment in a music store or when I'm at a party and someone finds out I'm in a band and hands me a guitar. What do you play?


I generally just improvise around and see what the guitar wants me to play.

I’ve got a bunch of acoustic covers I used to practice with the idea of doing a solo-acoustic gig, a bunch of 90’s stuff, a ton of Alice In Chains and STP. Inevitably, in large groups of people drinking, I’ll play “Time Of Your Life” and get everyone to sing along. Takes the attention off me and it never fails to create a good memory for whoever’s house it is. “Remember last year when you got everyone singing in my backyard, that was great!!!”


Shell shock is a pretty common thing when the unexpected arises. Had it go every way possible myself , good , bad and indifferent. Been so long since I sang and played I would probably have brain freeze. Probably go to moving an E maj chord from octave to B , D to G like in Hold On by Triumph.


I try to avoid those situations, I'm not a campfire jam kind of guy...I find those situations cringey for both the audience and the players, no matter how good the performance!!
Couldn’t agree more. My neighbor is always wanting me to play at his gatherings. I just want to be social with my friends and neighbors(think pre covid) although I’ve been roped into it a few times.


Gold Supporting Member
Usually a Tom Waits or Violent Femmes song if it's an acoustic. Honestly, though, I'm usually handed a guitar to play one of our band's songs. We're wacky and our friends are our biggest fans. In a music store, I'm checking out sounds and playability. I don't think I have ever tried to play even part of a song intentionally.


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