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Someone hands you a guitar at a social gathering...what do you play?


If someone van sing them I try to play something they know.

If not, I play LaBamba over & over until they take the guitar away and I can finish my beer.


I would play Al Green's "Let's stay together", as I have personally seen women swoon to this song . Even on acoustic guitar.


Silver Supporting Member
First I make sure the guitar is in tune while playing The Wind Cries Mary. It's an easy song. If you want it to sound like the record just fret down a half step. .
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I know I said John Cage before as a joke, but in reality is that this sort of thing has only actually happened to me once.

In senior year in high school, I was in a sort of retreat with most of my high school class and I was already known to them as a guitar player in bands and stuff, so they hand me a guitar to play something. Bear in mind I'm no singer and my repertoire of beginning to end strummy campfire songs is very limited and it was even more so at the time. So I just played The Man Who Sold the World, and even SANG it with my crappy voice. Believe it or not, it got me attention from girls. So I suppose it went well.


WTH!! Everyone here should have at least 90
mins of solo material (that can also can flexibly snap into an ensemble) ready to go when asked, at a moment’s notice, played flawlessly and spanning the major musical genres - including fusion and classical. Damn!! What have you people been doing with your time?!!!! :D:D:D

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