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Someone hands you a guitar at a social gathering...what do you play?


In the Before Times, most parties I went to ended up being massive jam sessions so it’s no big deal for me.

I used to do the perfomer thing at parties a lot more in my teens and twenties; there was usually one lovely lady who would take the time to give me an extended “Thank you” for playing a song she liked. ;)


Beverly Hillbillies Theme, or I'm Just a Bill from schoolhouse rock, King Of The Hill theme,
Or if I am serious, Whipping Post, or Mood For a Day by Yes or Aqualung or the Blue Danube by Strauss in E major. Mr.Blue Sky mashed up with Yesterday is fun too. (Nearly the same chords)
I usually just take a request.
If I can do it and its not lame. Spinal Tap as well if its a good crowd.
You gotta try to make them sing though.
Depends on the crowd. Gotta read your audience, but as one of the last guys said, if they say 'play something' I play 'something' by George Harrison.


In social situations....introvert here, I avoid social situations.

when trying a guitar in a store, I usually play Dance on a Volcano or Synchronicity 2. If I’m trying out keyboard, Subdivisions

Millo 4.0

Silver Supporting Member
Whatever I've been working on or learning at the time for MY OWN SAKE, or improvise over chord progressions I'd been playing for the singers I accompany. That's mostly what I've done for the past 10-15 years--accompany singers on acoustic either as the '1st guitar' or 'only guitar', make arrangements/charts for them, etc. as well as playing solo 'classical' guitar for weddings, etc. I'd play any of that stuff without any regards to what I'd guess the party guests' tastes are like. As someone said before: it's party, not a performance.


I would either just make something up as I go, or depending on my mood and volume, I might do some Black Sabbath. I recall playing the opening of War Pigs extremely loud when someone just said 'play something' out of nowhere. I wasn't in a good mood when I did that and he didn't ask again since I dimed the amp.


Making UPS, FEDEX and USPS richer every day!
Silver Supporting Member
I play Beethoven. Usually the Roll Over style. ;)

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