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Someone Talk Me Down. ( G.A.S content )

blues junkie

Well I was really bored yesterday so I went to play some guitars. I ended up playing a Nash tele with a rosewood board and a PRS Mira. All I can say is WOW. I loved them both. The one that really stuck with me was the Mira, what an incredible playing guitar. The Nash Tele was sweet also, made me feel like I went back in time.

Anyways, he's the deal I'm considering selling my TA Hollow Cobra S to fund the purchase of one and use the rest to put the other on layaway. Am I crazy for even thinking of selling the TA ? It's an incredible guitar... but I thought the Mira did everything the TA could do just as well and I liked the neck on the Mira slightly better then my TA. Also I don't think the TA is a "perfect" fit with my Quinn SDO. So I was hoping the Mira & Nash would be better. If I did this I would be going from one guitar to two.

Anyways any opinion's on this would be great I have'nt bought a new guitar in about 2 years so maybe it's just G.A.S.



Gold Supporting Member
You came to TGP to talk you out of buying gear?

Buy/keep the guitar that sings to you.


Jim S

Platinum Supporting Member

+ 1

...unless you put it on a credit card with fees/interest: NEVER PAY INTEREST, esp these days. If you have to pay an extra penny for interest, run away.

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