Sold Sommatone Roaring 20 $1400 shipped and PP'd Firm


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The Roaring amps are constructed using true point-to-point wiring. By mounting all components directly to tube sockets, jacks and pots, we are able to ensure the purest signal path, maximum touch sensitivity and the least amount of tonal degradation. Our amps are handmade and extensively tested for tone as well as reliability.

Used with no issues, Scumback speaker H75 16ohms and a padded studio slips cover.
  • Heavy gauge welded aluminum chassis
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Dual of EL-84's cathode biased
  • Three 12AX7's
  • F&T and Sprague electrolytic capacitors
  • Fast recovery diode rectifier
  • Silver-plated Teflon wire
  • Carbon film and metal film resistors
  • Tubular polypropylene signal capacitors

  • Blendable bright and normal volume controls
  • Master volume (fully bypassed when cranked)
  • Full set of tone controls: treble, middle, bass
  • Innovative presence control (settings from warm & smooth to chimey & edgy)
  • Impedance selector 4, 8, and 16 ohm
  • Main and extension speaker jacks
  • Foot switchable boost

  • 13-ply birch cabinets
  • 1X12 H=20" W=24" D=9"
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I'm surprised there is not more chatter about Sommatone. At this point, well under the radar.

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