song idea. input needed. Rory Gallagher fans come on in!

Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by re-animator, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Aug 3, 2007
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    started recording this today. Been toying around with upbeat, but raunchy and filthy blues stuff with my tele + ac30.

    Working on lyrics currently. Obviously the song is unfinished. No mixing, no click track. No post-mix. The playing is sloppy and the timing is iffy at parts, but i'm just working with the ideas right now, and trying to figure out how i want the vocals to work.

    Input and ideas are welcome. This is kinda a departure from my usual fare so i'm just getting my feet wet with this sort of blues. Right now the only thing I can think of is lowering the drum tempo a bit.

    here's the track:


    thanks for listening!

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