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Song I'm working on


not in rivers, but in drops
Silver Supporting Member
Comments appreciated as far as the recording sounds, I am finally getting the hang of this I think. Right now it has two endings to it, I'm leaning towards the second one and expanding on it



Boogie C+
Deluxe Memory Man for tremolo picking section

The verse sections were left intentionally sparse as I haven't decided where to go with it yet, just trying to get some ideas out there. This is no masterpiece like some of the stuff I've heard posted here so be gentle :)


Sounds nice -- and clean. Reminds me of some of the earlier 90's stuff when people were rebelling against grunge. In other words it reminds me a LOT of the stuff I played back in the day -- and today.

Your tone is really good. Has a Nickleback-ish feel to me. With maybe a little Metallica/VH inspiration?

Your solo towards the end is really good, too. Nice to see that you don't have to play 16th notes on every measure to impress anyone -- and it's still impressive.




not in rivers, but in drops
Silver Supporting Member
Thanks very much for the comments, I really dig the tone I am getting out of this setup currently. I think it sounds a lot better in person but I tried something new with my recording this time and it's pretty darn close now.

thanks again!

Dickie Fredericks

Gold Supporting Member
Right on... I dig it. I wish I knew where to get some drum samples that sounded that good.

I gotta MIDI the drums right now. I like the breakdown thingy at the end alot.

Good stuff and FWIW, I dont see guitar playing as a pissing contest. Everyone has something to offer.

Its all about expressing yourself.

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