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Song recorded with Helix/Helix Native


Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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I suppose I could get in trouble for posting this here instead of the recording forum, but I never really post in the recording forum. I recorded this song over the span of the last few months. A friend of mine wrote it, and I helped her with arranging it. We were hired by Tasha, the woman singing, to do it, and it's been a pretty cool experience. Tasha was injured in theater accident about 20 years ago, and has been confined to a wheelchair since then. She travels around speaking at various events, and she wanted to use this song to sing at the end of events (using the prerecorded backing tracks we made).

Anyway, I used the Helix and Helix Native for all the guitar and bass parts. I even ended up using the poly pitch effect in Native to shift one of the backing synth pads from C to E... I ended playing everything here, and the drums are SSD5.


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