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Song suggestions for acoustic guitar and congas


Hi there :)
My brother who sings and plays acoustic guitar and I are aiming to play some songs for an afternoon open mic at a pub. I play conga drums. We're looking for some simple but not overdone songs that are crowd pleaser's and fun/funky to play. Any suggestions would be welcome!


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You could do "Sympathy for the Devil" and yell "Whoo Whoo" behind him for the second have of the song. Some Jack Johnson, acoustic Santana and maybe Alice in Chain's "No Excuses." I would suggest looking into a tambourine and some shakers to kill the monotony.


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Just about any "Bo Diddly beat" song will work: Hey Bo Diddly, Who Do You Love, Willie and the Hand Jive, Jump In The Line (Shake Senora) I Want Candy, you could even do a medley

Black Juju would definitely work for the drums but you'd have to try it out to see if the acoustic has enough heft.

For something completely different you might try some AC-DC. Dog Eat Dog or DIrty Deeds. Those songs are so heavy on the floor tom and huge open chords that I think they might work in your context and it sure would take listeners by surprise.

One Note Samba might sound kinda hip.

There's Something Going On (Frida) might work.

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