Song suggestions needed for Trad nite at the pub


Hi folks,

I'm in Ireland for a few weeks for work and went to a traditional music night at a local pub with some friends last week. I was handed a guitar and ended up sitting in on a handful of songs with the players. It was awesome...really, really awesome! I pretty much just tried to keep up, but I guess they enjoyed having a non-local American guy sit in, and they invited me back for the next session. :banana

It's expected that everyone brings at least one or two songs that they lead the group with. I'm completely clueless when it comes to this type of music, but I really enjoy it and want to come prepared this week. I'm wondering if anybody has some suggestions for some popular traditional Irish folks songs I could learn. Thanks in advance! :beer


Some songs that most folk are likely to know:

Whiskey In The Jar
Finnegan's Wake
The Wild Rover
The Real Old Mountain Dew
Star of the County Down
Black Velvet Band
Brennan on The Moor
Rosin The Bow
A Jug Of Punch

And if the pub's up for Irish rebel songs...
Kevin Barry
Roddy McCorley
Four Green Fields
The Merry Ploughboy
The Rising of The Moon
A Nation Once Again
Patriot Game

There are hundreds more, of course.

A useful reference is SOODLUM'S IRISH BALLAD BOOK (Oak Publishing) which contains 158 songs--including all the songs on these lists.

I've sung "Finnegan's Wake" to good effect in a pub in Waterford.

I hope this helps!

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