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Song with the perfect guitar tone


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Obviously there's no one perfect tone, but...saw Steve Winwood live the other night and his tone on "Had to Cry Today" and especially "Dear Mr. Fantasy" was fabulous, especially for a live concert rig. (He was playing the surf green Strat with Lace Sensors that has been his main live guitar for 15 years or more now.)

The show was so good it had me revisiting portions of his catalogue, and I ran across "Night Train" from his 1980 "Arc of a Diver" LP; the album was right in the middle of Winwood's heavy synth period, but that song has a terrific, long guitar solo with simply killer tone. Winwood is such an amazing keyboardist and singer that we sometimes forget how good a guitarist he is, and "Night Train" has one of his better solos, in both composition and tone. Recommended.


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Probably a different answer for every member on TGP.

For me, I've got to say the perfect guitar tone goes to the VH1 Van Halen tone... its not even a tone I go after anymore, but I do believe it is perfect.


Can I add some Trey? This solo... the dynamic touch, perfect reverb, and harmonic resonation/blooms...
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This guy inspired my music career. Bill rocks, doesn't hurt this band is amazing!
This one solo is the embodiment of everything I love about the guitar.
Just the way he starts with those five descending arpeggios and letting that fifth note just hang there is bliss.

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