Songs with military sounds (jets, helicopters, missles, bombs, gunfire)

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I have a practical reason for asking this. I'll be recording in August, among other things, a new original song about the Russian war against Ukraine. Instead of playing a lead over the break, I want to throw over the chord changes these types of military sounds. I'm looking for models for how to do this well. Recommendations?


Assuming you're not talking about recording actual military equipment, between "Machine Gun" and "Star Spangled Banner", Hendrix did a pretty good job of implying bombs bursting in air and the sounds of tearing metal. (Marshall amps for martial sounds?)

In terms of actual sampling of the sounds of war, not many spring to mind--altho the typical Hollywood sound of a shell coming down would certainly get my attention as an intro to the right tune.


One creative method would be using a side-chained compressor to duck the sounds in and out. If I was doing this I would roll off some of the top end and use a short delay and/or reverb to move the sounds very far into the background of the stereo image.

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