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Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

Robert Libutti

Silver Supporting Member
That could very well be The Bad Plus’ rendition of TFF. I happen to love it and it turned my opinion on the source material. I used to think TFF was schlocky drivel, but have grown an appreciation for the music largely due in part to The Bad Plus’ cover.

Nope that's not it. I prefer the TFF version; I'm a kid of the 80s. But the version I heard on the radio is really bad. Very wah wah waaaaah wah waahhahaah.

dan in RI

Pearl Jam’s entire discography
Same w Dave Matthews

That horrific, maudlin sappy dentist office “I let my guard down, and you pulled the rug” ballad w moanrocker vocals that seems to be on in every store.

Norm N Playin

I was in Lowe's Hardware Store yesterday... they have "music" played over a horrible PA System... salvaged from 1970's Tri-City Dragway (Saginaw, MI) I think. Anyway, you don't expect to hear particularly pleasing music while at the hardware store, but these three in a row sent me scrambling for the exits... (I am guessing these constantly repeated words are the titles.)
New Attitude, Neutron Dance and Lets Hear It For The Boy... Good Lord! I never realized the later was sung in the key of dog-whistle! Disco really did suc... um, "inhale mightily" didn't it.
PS, I would've left after the first "ooh-ooh ooh..." of the the first "song", but I was there with my wife who had a list of things we needed... sadly, a tranquilizer for me was not on that list.


Montonero, MOY, Multitudes
Platinum Supporting Member
New Attitude, Neutron Dance and Lets Hear It For The Boy... Good Lord! I never realized the later was sung in the key of dog-whistle! Disco really did suc... um, "inhale mightily" didn't it.
None of those example tunes are disco songs.
I didn’t realize how long this thread was when I clicked on it and I’m just gonna mention some that I think some of us can agree on

Anyone seen tiger king? The scene where Carole baskin showcases the video of the girl singing and they green screened in some tigers behind her? Yea F that song and Carole baskin

Or zombie by the cranberries can go away but only because the vocals are trash compared to the instrumentals.

I’m gonna probably catch some flak for this but copperhead road by Steve Earle can suck it too

And basically any new country song that involves a rap type rhythm and electronic instruments added in sounds like trash to me. But that’s been mentioned already just wanna reiterate it so maybe the future country artists will listen and go back to making music that’s pre- brad paisley, save for a handful of pretty good recent songs though.

I think you guys have about summed up the rest of them

Oh and my beginner practice recordings that I regret when I listen to a month or two later.. lol


What’s Up, Zombie, walking in Memphis and American Pie are great calls.

Blister in the f*cking Sun
Still got the blues (and Parisienne walkways, and anything else he did with a cycle progression)
When the going gets tough (the tough get going)
Papa don’t preach
Highway to the dangerzone
Achey breaky heart
Black Velvet
30% of all Queen
To be with you
You’re only human
Life is a highway
Everything I do, I do for you
We are the world
One more night
Ebony and Ivory (and the girl is mine)
The Belfast Child
With arms wide open
This is how you remind me
There are many, but there is one by one of my favourite bands: "Run for Your Life". At least John later said that he was sorry that he had written it. By far the most cringeworthy Beatles song.

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