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In my search for "The" overdrive, I purchased a pedal from a company called Sonic Fusion, I tried their Sonic Overdrive, they also hand make several distortions and a few others as well. Never really heard much about them so I thought I would post a little info.

The Sonic Overdrive is a very smooth sounding Zen like drive pedal, it has the standard Volume, gain, tone, and a contour controls and a fat switch. I personnly like it best with the Fat toggle off, which adds a little more saturation. The drive is very transparent and smooth, very controlable.

I would consider it one of the top drives on my list as far as pedals I have tried and liked, I could get very cool Zen tones out of it as well as lighter drive tones close to the KOT type.

Check them out on the web site and give them a try......

Bernardo Gui

I am an endorsee for Sonic Fusion Pedals.
GREAT pedals, made 1 at a time. No "assembly line".
Boutique in every sense of the word.
Great pedals from a great company, owned by a great guy !

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