Sonic Port/M13 or HD500 (x)


Been a long while since I've posted so thanks for your patience. I'm a little timid while contemplating such a major change to my rig.

Anywho, current rig is pretty simple. Volume -> Line6 M13 -> EHX Cathedral 'Verb -> Savage Macht 6 (6 watt tube combo with 2 knobs). I recently acquired a Line6 Sonic Port which allows me to play direct into my iPad and use mobile Pod since the only time I get to play guitar at home is after my 2 year old kids go to bed (headphone city). I've been extremely pleased with the results and find I love the amp models and they sound great.

The zealots on the line 6 forum tell me the new "HD" amp models on the POD HD series are significantly better than the mobile pod app I'm currently using for practice at home, which begs the question, if I like it that much at home, why not switch to a floor POD entirely instead of my M13 for my 1 gig a month at church and run direct instead of hauling the tube amp and adding the mic in the fun little plywood insulated box they have for me? Gosh I never EVER thought I'd be thinking this. I've always hated modeling, but my ears are telling me otherwise and I haven't even tried the supposedly "HD" models yet. What do you all think? Sell out to modeling? Keep on hauling the amp? Run my current board into my iPad when I'm feeling lazy? Gimme a gold old fashioned forum thrashing. Sorry for a long "first" post. Cheers.


Do you rehearse at all?

Maybe just bring the sonic port/iPad for rehearsal and give it a shot going direct or into your combo.

I've been singing the praises of the sonic port/mobile pod combination since I got it last summer. If you use that 1/4" out to your combo amp just make sure the amp is set to a clean sound and your iPad's volume should be set fairly high otherwise it gets noisy.

I've played it though headphones, a combo amp, and even through a home stereo and it sounds good either way to my ears. Love the Brit Classic amp the most.


The HD500 is better than the Mobile Pod, along with a lot more flexibility. Delays in MoPod are not syncable to a tempo, and other stuff like that. I'm thinking that there is a chance that L6 will announce something to replace Mobile Pod, after seeing some of the teasers they have released.

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