Sonic question for PTD Rotobone users.


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I just asked Paul to put me on the list yesterday for a Burning Sensation doing more research and listening I'm going to have to be change to a Rotobone with GE!

At least I have a year or so to communicate the change. :)

Thanks so much to everyone that have provided amazing and super helpful clips.

I'm wondering if the Rotobone is capable of getting this tone lower gain tone that is demonstrated wonderfully by Anders Isberg on his Tornita KS? Playing starts at 55 sec.

And this Comfortably Numb tone:



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Rotobone owner here... And it EXCELS at low gain stuff, and even boost. An incredible pedal.

Im on the list for around April... Havent decided which way to go ywt, but REALLY EXCITED !


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All the PTD stuff I have cleans up fairly well. I don't think that you can go wrong there, no matter what you decide. The Mini-bone, with germanium, makes a lovely OD, in particular. The trouble is, that they do such unique things, that it's a shame to use them for more vanilla sounds, even though they can do them well.

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