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Sooo G12-65 vs Golds I need advice.....


I am considering a 1X12 cab and am deciding between the G12-65 and the Golds, can any kind forumite with experience with both let me know the tonal responses of both side by side? Thanks


The Gold is very noticeably brighter, with more sparkle and very "live". The G12-65 is warmer and has a smoother top end. Both are great speakers but very different from one another. Its apples and oranges for me but I would be very curious to know how they would combine in a 2 X 12" cab. They are close in efficiency and watt ratings.


It really depends on the amp for what I would recommend. In my Vox AC30CC1 the Alnico Gold is perfect, with other amps the results have been more mixed from what I have read on here. Only recently actually have I seen alot of bad Alnico Gold reviews. Keep in mind for choosing speakers, the cab, amp used, and personal preference make a big difference.

I have a Weber G1265, its a nice speaker, but I miss the highs a bit with it. Very nice smooth midrange. I haven't compared the Alnico Gold with the same amp and cab as the Weber G1265 to make a real good direct comparison. And I have the Weber, not the Celestion G12-65 or the reissue.


I've had both, but not at the same time. I just sould a gold and bought a G12-65.

Gold - Chimey, 3D, thick & slightly congested lower mids, Alnico softening/compression at higher levels. More bass than Blue. Full low end but not as tight as G12-65. I sold it because of the mid congestion.

G12-65 - Balanced (slighty nasal but not broken in yet), smoother top end, more open in lower mids, not as much 3d sound. Tighter bass than Gold.


Supporting Member
Havent tried the Gold yet but the G12-65 is a very mid heavy speaker(in a much better range/way than the V30) but can be too much for some amps/tastes IMO. Bob