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Sorry SG Purists...I Did It


History...May 1961..Graduate from college and buy my first guitar..1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG shape) with case for $295 from Zordan House of Music in Chicago.
Well, learning to play guitar is difficult enough but dealing with a guitar that is neck heavy, flops forward and has a neck that seems really long is a challenge..
Fast forward 57 years..Numerous Telecasters..Les Pauls..PRS and Stratocasters..
I saw on Reverb a 2013 Epiphone SG Pro with case for a really attractive price. I made the purchase and received a PERFECT condition guitar that had never been played. Did it play and sound as well as the '61? Hey..can you recall 57 years ago? Sadly I realized that the 3 problems that I faced with the Gibson were present in this 2013. I read all the info that I could about these problems caused by the dreaded STRAP BUTTON. Move it..don't move it..it will ruin the "look".You will reduce the resale value..the horn will break...etc..etc..
Well, I'm 80 years old and play in a Christian band and at retirement homes. I sit on a stool while playing. Not much pressure on the horn. I decided to roll the dice and move the button.
End of story..Couldn't be happier..I have solved all the problems that I had with this guitar. Moving the button brings the guitar closer to the body..keeps it from flopping forward(maybe the most irritating problem)..and eliminates the heavy neck syndrome. An F chord is now not such a stretch.
If you are rough on your guitars, this might not work for you..I find that by this simple procedure I have made this SG into the instrument that I expect a guitar to be.
The Pro SG is a fine instrument worthy of consideration. It is light..has a comfortable fingerboard..smooth frets..alnico pickups sound awesome..looks great..and NOW balances properly.
Well..thats my story..and I'm sticking to it..


I have always loved SG's but just can't stand where the strap button is. It just feels wrong to me. Good for you to mod your guitar to your specs.

Who cares what the traditionalists say!


I've always found that the "long feeling" of the SG has made it the gateway guitar into Gibson for a Fender player. I typically get lost on a Les Paul but an SG feels more like playing a Fender.
I had an Epi SG that had terrible neck dive. I wound up moving the button to the end of the horn, like the Tony Iommi model. I took a narrow file and filed out a groove about the width of the strap button. This gave it plenty of flat surface to screw into. It did the trick.


I've always found that the "long feeling" of the SG has made it the gateway guitar into Gibson for a Fender player. I typically get lost on a Les Paul but an SG feels more like playing a Fender.
I don't find that Fenders have that same "long feeling". I started on Fenders. When I first tried a Les Paul, it felt fine to me. However, when I first tried an SG, it felt very strange to me, as though everything had been shifted a few inches to the left.


I didn't realize that moving the strap button was a no-no.

I screwed the strap button of mine into the horn of mine like 10 years ago, makes the guitar way more playable. I filled the hole with wood glue before screwing the button in so I'm not too worried about it.


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Gibson did it with their HP series SG's. I switched to a leather strap that had some texture and that helped, but I had considered moving the button as well.

Visual Guy

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Remember me when you decide to let that 1961 SG go. I'd love to have it. Not buy it, but just have it. :D

Awesome thread my friend! Cheers


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All I can say is good thing you play in a Christian band. May this Mortal Sin be downgraded to a misdemeanor once you appear before the Pearly Gates

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