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Soul Food - fair representative of the Klon "sound"


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Not looking to start another Klon/Klone war - just have a quick question. I'm back playing regularly after a layoff and have been dipping my toe into some new pedals I had not used in my prior guitar life... had never heard of the Centaur until I saw them popping up on famous rig rundowns and that Pedal Show and a variety of threads here. So I thought I'd try a Soul Food since I found one used at a good price to see what the fuss was about. I was also interested in a lower gain option to either use on it's own (just a bit of breakup) or to stack with another overdrive for a bigger sound. Seemed like many use the klon/klone pedals in this way so I gave it a whirl.

Based on reviews while inspired by the Klon the Soul Food has the reputation of being it's own thing to some degree. I have it in my chain and to be honest have not really been able to find settings that are working for me ... it does stack OK with my TRex Moller or TS10 - but on it's own it seems like it has even a bigger mid bump than the TS10 does - and a somewhat grainy texture to the gain - at least with my rig. I know the Klon is somewhat based on the TS circuit so a mid boost is part of the deal but the SF seems excessive compared to a vintage TS10 at least. And the TS10 is much smoother. Anyway - should I consider the klon sound to not be my cup of tea - or is it worth looking at another perhaps more "true" interpretation (Tumnus, Archer, Arc Klone, Mythical, etc...) based on my success or lack thereof with the Soul Food? Or should I move where it falls in the chain?

Also a pure boost might work given how I typically setup my amps but ... it also makes it louder and in the evening when I play the most - wife and kids asleep - that is not terribly helpful (and the Moller has a pure boost which I do use in certain situations).

I've added a MIM tele to the mix outlined below - pedal chain is typically:

TC Polytune > TC Hypergravity Comp > EHX SF > TS10 > Moller > Boss CE2 > TC Flashback > EQD Dispatch Master > Wampler Latitude Dlx

eddie knuckles

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I have a JHS Meat +3 modded SF. It gives you "three flavors" of a Klon-type pedal (if you will) with a low-end knob. It is very useful if you play a bright or dark rig to make the pedal work for you; fatten up your tone and/or give you a little smooth compressed OD with the volume knob on your guitar. One of the settings is the pedal in its untouched state - for $77, you can get "that" nice tone from it close enough to call it good. Do I like my KTR and Monsterpiece STUD more? Yes. But for a giggable board, I have ridden mine hard, and it does what it is meant to. Great pedal regardless.


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I've had 7 or 8 Klones (or Klone-ish overdrive) and to me they all sound noticeably different, especially in their EQ differences ...if there is a mid bump, and if so, how big it is and where it is.

I've never tried a Soul Food though.

The best Klones I've played (to my ears) are a CircuitRider Fx Klone and the Anasounds Savage MKII.

Read some of the many Klone threads and buy used to try them out.

-bEn r.

Brian Yarbrough

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I have a Klon Centaur and have played them for years. The ones I have found closest to the original is 1. Duh...A Klon KTR and 2. a J Rockett Archer. I have a friend with the Archer and it is dang close. I have a very picky ear, and although I could tell a slight difference in feel under my fingers, the Archer is a great pedal for that tone. There may be others but I cannot attest to those


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I don't own one now but I think it's great for boosting.

The JHS mod improves its drive tone.


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The Soul Food is great until you A/B it with another Klon type pedal. Then, you can really hear what's missing.

I've owned both the regular and the JHS modded one. And I've also owned a KTR, the ARC Klone V2 and the Mythical Overdrive.

The MO is my personal favorite. The Klone V2 is best for single coils (when you order the bass toggle).


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HesNot, are you running the soul food into a clean amp? Like the tubescreamer, I prefer a Klone as a boost pushing a dirty amp or another pedal.

I have learned over the years that some pedals work great into a clean amp, others work better to boost another pedal or a dirty amp.


I have a Soul Food, and I like it, but whenever I see a shootout with it and a Klon... it never really sounds similar to the Klon to me. More compressed for one thing.


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Not the same at all to me, but I do consider the Soul Food a good pedal deal if you like it for what it is. If you like it you like it, and it's cool. If I was on a strict budget I would absolutely consider one.
the soul food for $62 new when it came out was amazing to me, coming from BOSS DS1 and MXR Distortion+, and was my first KLONE

but then the Archer Ikon came out and I got one, and then the soul food sounded more like a toy compared to it

then came the other KLONEs...

now my soul food sits in its original box


Until you get your power tubes cooking none of these clones will get you the tone the original was intended to sound like...heck you probably won't even get the tone from the original itself if it's not going to a properly set up an amplifier


Until you get your power tubes cooking none of these clones will get you the tone the original was intended to sound like...heck you probably won't even get the tone from the original itself if it's not going to a properly set up an amplifier
I can't find a sound I like with the soul food at home. In a loud band mix, it's back in the keeper pile.


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I was absolutely unhappy with my Soul Food. Still have no idea what's to love here. I flipped it as soon as I could.
As it was already mentioned do yourself a favor and try Mythical Overdrive. It's a great Klone, worth every cent. If you'd like a bit cheaper option Chellee Ponyboy is the way to go. All IMHO obviously.


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Not really, but if you like the sound, who cares?
To my ears, the closest is the Ryra Klone. I played a "gold centaur" Klon for years until the price got so high I couldn't resist selling. Now I use a KTR or whatever the new one from the original manufacturer is called or the Ryra. They both sound great and I don't miss the gold one.


The soul food was the only pedal that I immediately hated and reposted on eBay. It was just terrible. A lot of guys use them but it just did not work for me.

My advice is to spend a little more and get a mythical overdrive. There is a big difference in those 2 pedals and the MO does not cost that much more.

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