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Soul Preacher

3 Mile Stone

Silver Supporting Member
A fine question sir. I would also enjoy hearing a good review. It looks dang simple (I like that) and reasonably priced. If it has good tone that would make it real winner to me. Anybody?


Gold Supporting Member
I got the Nano Soul Preacher a couple of weeks ago but I really haven't had a chance to do more than just goof with it a bit for a few minutes.

I didn't notice it coloring the tone, but I was at a low volume. I liked the attack switch. At "fast" it was squish from the get go, right on top of it. On "slow" it creeps up on you in an "Oh, there it is" kind of way. Kind of fun.

I plan to put it on my board this weekend and give it a real test.


I've had one on my board for about a month now. Great unit. I actually preferred it over the two knob Keeley.

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