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SOUL-SONIC ge fuzz demo's


I asked Martin Chittum to make me a particular fuzz with ac 188's. Gain volume and an trimmer knob that does some tone shaping too. The trimmer helps match the unit with different guitars and work with other pedals too. I wanted something to do what the 200lbs wishes it could do- Make my guitar sound like a violin or horn.

I think he succeeded. Its the most beautiful pedal in and out I have owned. The handwired board is a beauty using the best of the best .I have no agenda as far as soul-sonic pedals. I love custom pedals and at these prices its a no brainer. I say get all you can now before his wait time goes crazy and he raises his prices!!!

You dont have to try to get that tone. Just plug in guitar and even into a fender amp it has that tone I love. Wife has camera til monday. Pics added then.

This is my strat with keeley PU's into Martin's Fuzz into big Lloyde dee-layer into SF pro reverb. M audio handheld room mic.

Ist clip has higher bias thus higher gain-more sustain

Lower bias setting
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