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Since I've been laid up recovering from knee replacement surgery, I've been burning through some documentaries.

"Soundbreaking- Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music" just popped up on Hulu this week (I think it was in PBS previously?). It's an amazing series. I've always been fascinated by the history, growth, development, culture, techniques, gear and styles or recording and engineering music. So this series has been phenomenal.

Highly recommended.
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Critter74, thank you for the info on Soundbreaking. It's new, having first emerged last month. With Sir George Martin at the helm, the entire series is first-class and critter74's review is spot on. I was both educated and entertained by the content and the presentation of this series. PBS says:

The eight-part series explores the art of music recording, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds. Featuring more than 160 original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists of all time, Soundbreaking explores the nexus of cutting-edge technology and human artistry that has created the soundtrack of our lives.

I am glad that Hulu picked it up, as this series, to me, is like "Muscle Shoals" and "Studio City" on steroids plus much, much more. Even though I saw it last month, I'll be watching it again.

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