Source Audio Reflex - How are you using yours (or other multi-function expression pedals)

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  1. mikoo69

    mikoo69 Supporting Member

    Jul 17, 2006
    Looking for an expression pedal to cover at least 3 effects - Trem Rate, Delay Mix and Whammy Sweep (My Whammy V is rack mounted, so I will control it via an exp).

    Looking into the Source Audio Reflex to use the Midi ins and Outs (with an RJM Mastermind) for control.

    Was wondering for those who use this pedal, or similar multi-function expression pedals, how do you control which effect it's expressing at a time?

    Was thinking that it would be preset based to control either 1 to all 3 of these effects simultaneously...though there are some presets where I have 2-3 of these effects engaged and will only want expression on one of them (i.e. to sweep the trem speed while not changing the delay mix or whammy position).

    Just wondering how others using the Reflex are utilizing it with multiple effects/functions.
  2. 4b454e

    4b454e Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2015
    Cleveland, OH
    I'm still working through some of this, but my intent is to develop a set of patches for all (or all useful) scenarios and use a DMC-2 to select the patch I need for a given purpose. I'll stick to the Reflex's MIDI capability here, for simplicity and bc that's what you're asking about :)

    So, preset 1 sends CC x to H9 in channel 1
    Preset 2 send CC y to Nemesis on channel 2
    Preset 3 sends CC z to Hub on channel 3
    Preset 4 combines 1 and 2 above
    Etc. etc.

    My initial thought was to simply set up scenes, as it were, and include the Reflex in the scene. Then I realized I might want to change what the reflex is controlling within a scene without sending a new PC across all MIDI-enabled pedals (don't want an audio drop or to lose a delay trail).

    What I'm about to test is running the DMC-2 into the Reflex to allow me to move up/down to the preset I want (just on the Reflex). Reflex and DMC-4 go into a MIDI merger, then the MIDI signal goes to H9, Source Audio Hub, and Nemesis (in that order, at least for now). I think I'm going to use the H9 to send program changes down the line but may wind up doing that from the DMC-4.

    EDIT: to elaborate, the Reflex preset programming is pretty easy. Again keeping to MIDI, you can send up to three MIDI Outputs. So, you can assign the pedal to send 0-3 separate CC messages, choosing the CC, channel and type of control (taper, LFO) independently. So, you could have Digital 1 running a simple taper to control your delay mix where heel=0 and toe=127 on whatever MIDI channel&CC you need for your your delay to do that. You could do the same for your whammy - separately or simultaneously. You can adjust the heel and toe values independently per MIDI Output, but I don't think you can't define a "pedal-active" range, e.g., have the pedal do nothing from position 0-24, then send CC from position 25-127, etc.

    You can also send MIDI cc on an LFO where you define the depth and use the Reflex to control the rate via the heel-toe position. You could use that for siren whammy madness or, perhaps more musically (no judgment :) ) use the LFO to vary your trem rate over time. Of course you can also assign a taper to sweep the trem rate.

    If you have pedals that are non-MIDI but have an expression in, you can control these also, completely separate from the MIDI setup, in almost any configuration you need.

    It's looking the best bet for me is going to be to set up a lot of presets and pick them manually (not use MIDI PC to call the up a sort of a larger scene) I can still scroll up/down via footswitch to switch control without changing presets on pedals too...

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