Source for creme Strat knobs to fit Dimarzio pots?


I'm currently having my first guitar, an 80s Japanese Daion Strat copy, completely refinished and refurbished. Since Dimarzio pots are basically rebadged CTS items (I think) I've had it fitted out with them. Since the p'up covers and switch tip are all creme I'm also going for creme Strat knobs. But rather than the standard wiring system I've gone for the following set up:
  • Volume (master)
  • Volume (Neck & Middle)
  • Tone (Neck)
That leaves me in a bind for 3 reasons. Firstly, even though they make creme p'up covers and switch tips Dimarzio don't make creme least as far as I can find. And on top of that the Dimarzio pots have an imperial shaft so generic, Asian made Strat-style knobs won't fit on them. The Dimarzio shafts are too big. And all of the locally available creme knobs come in "Volume/Tone/Tone" sets which is 1 Volume knob short for me. Apparently the AllParts knobs fit (ok at $5 each) but I live Down Under and postage is ridiculous.....$24!! I may be unrealistic but I reckon US$39 is a bit much for 3 plastic knobs.
Can anyone help me out here?


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wow, that's a tough one; the answer is any knob made for USA guitars, which for me means something i can get anywhere for $5.

you might as well get the knobs in the color you want and drill them out to fit. (you want the hole to be just barely smaller than the pot shaft, obviously, so it grabs.)

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