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Source for power supply cables with small right angle barrel plug connectors?

Tim Bowen

I have a couple of old Signal Flex PS9 power supplies, but it's the cables that came with those units that I'm interested in, albeit longer length versions. The cables have small right angle barrel plug connectors that only protrude about 11/16" beyond the pedals they're inserted into. A typical straight (not right angle) barrel plug, such as Voodoo Lab, protrudes about 1" & 3/16" past the pedal. So roughly a half inch difference in length, which doesn't sound like much, but on a small or crowded board is a factor. I use the Signal Flex barrel plug cables whenever I can, but the problem is that the cables are really short - about 9" & 11/16" from beginning of connector to beginning of connector, whereas Voodoo Lab cable is more like 19". Looking for longer length power supply cables with small right angle barrel plug connectors, any ideas?

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