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Sources for info on 70's Ibanez Artists


Just picked up this Craiglist bargain for very little. Needs a touch of TLC. Where can I find out more on these guitars? I was told this is from the 70's. I think the bridge is a replacement. And the tuners.



Looks like the bridge pup, bridge and at least one tone knob are replaced. (I can't see the tuners.) It's an Artist AR100. The serial number would help you date it: First letter = the month (A = Jan, B = Feb, etc.) and the next two numbers are the year, so B81XXXX would be Feb of 1981.

The Ibanez Collectors World forum is your best bet: www.IbanezCollectors.com/forum. We love to ID guitars over there.

That's a interesting wear pattern on the back too. These guitars have very thick poly coats on them and it's very hard to damage them beyond a ding here and there. Yours looks well played and is very cool, actually.

Here's a catalog page showing the full guitar in original shape:


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