Sourcing wood for guitar project?


Where do people recommend sourcing wood? Do you typically use a local supplier or do you order from an online outfit? I'm going to restart my journey to build an archtop and I'm curious. I started carving a top some 15 years ago and then starting a family took the priority. Now I'm immersed in jazz as a style that I'm improving my playing on and I want to restart. Got the 2nd edition Benedetto book yesterday. I have a wood supply shop 40 minutes away and they advertise tone wood availability on their website so I'm likely to go down there next weekend after the 4th holiday is over. I don't know if they have spruce rough boards that I can start from scratch.

My woodworking skills are decent but not advanced. I've built a few pieces of furniture for the house and have some of the stuff I need from a tooling standpoint. Input welcome and thanks in advance!


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You might reach out to a couple of archtop luthiers whose work you admire and ask them.

I'd love to see you post an archtop build thread here once you get it going.

Good luck!
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