South Chicago Gearfest


Edit: I put the gear list on the next page. It's going to be ABSURD. We'll try to keep it sort of organized, so it isn't just pure madness.

March 15th.
Buncha cool amps and effects etc. A LITTLE organized. We'll have an AxeFX clinic. Swap meet. Jam on some amps. Maybe do a little recording, and maybe put together a band to play for a while. Probably starting around noon.

You don't have to bring any gear. You don't have to be a member of any site. You do have to RSVP. Post in this thread if you are interested. Or mail me at cwptacek @ g mai l ~com. You don't have to play if you don't want to. But you should feel welcomed. Have fun. N Stuff.
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BTW... amps in attendance

Bogner Uber and XTC classic
Racksystems Brown Eye/JTM45
Deliverance D120
THD Flexi and Uni
and a ton of others. A bunch of HRI guys (the well mannered shirt wearing ones, mostly) will be out here.


Huge Racks. Another gear web site. Unless you already knew that. In which case... :p

Your Dr. Z will be missed! I love those things!
ohhhhh yeah i've heard of that site. yeah i'd love to check this out, i always have to miss all the local amp fests for some reason or other. next time!


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A non-rack guy can come?

I can bring a couple of Bogners (XTC Classic/Shiva), and a Two Rock Emerald Pro and cabs.


I think I actually have that day off!



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Bring it all!

I think we may already have an XTC on the way, but the Two-Rock will be most appreciated by the masses.

It's definitely NOT just a rack thing.
Racks, amps, pedals, whatever you have that's cool. It will give everyone a chance to try things first-hand.


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Shiva and Two Rock.

I also have a Rivera Venus 6 112 combo.

Start time around noon, I gather.

Will there be a P.A., drums/bass? I play drums and bass as well, and I can bring my Fodera 4 string if you have an amp.

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We were talking about having a drummer/bassist present, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. We can have a pair of powered speakers here for a PA if we want to jam, and we've got a Yamaha Stage Custom set up, but it sounds like it might be too much of a gear geek festival. Plus, I might have to kill you and keep the Fodera. :) That bass must be a dream.

Let me see what I can arrange, as far as having an actual jam. I am not at all opposed to it, but it might make some guys a little uncomfortable, or cut into the "I want to try out this amp" time. I'm totally up for anything, and frankly, I'm more interested in playing than in gear. :)

The plan is anytime after 12 noon, yeah.


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I might be interested in attending but I need to figure out if I can get some time to come down there. I can bring some guitars and a 5 string bass and I've got a few scarce pedals I could bring (devi ever, skreddy, zvex) and I might bring a little surprise of an amp :)

Do you have a list of everyone who's RSVP'd so far?

What kind of music would the jam be?

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