Spaceman Effects "Rare and Vintage" Parts?


I'm a huge fan of Spaceman Effects and think they re producing some great pedals. I've sunk around $2k into them the last few years.

Today's release has me doubting the "rare and vintage" parts claim. Can anyone share info on this. Other than germanium transistors on this fuzz and dimmiable indicators on other pedals is there really anything rare in these pedals?

Thanks for any info you can share.


There probably are vintage parts but if you have connections you can locate all those things in electronic part warehouses in different cities, so I doubt that they are super rare. Anyway, most of the parts have modern equivalents that would probably work just as well. Part of the Spaceman appeal is the boast of using vintage parts, different pedal casings, very low runs, great details - for example the riveted plate with the number of the pedal, the silver bag and all the goodies that come with it. Unusual marketing, etc. It is a bit overblown, but people are desperate to buy them.

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