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Spaceman Secret Mission VIII / Gemini IV

Well sure - and you understand I’m not complaining about your demo, right? - but it is possible to play long tones on the guitar. The way a fuzz decays is especially good to hear and a real pleasure for most fuzz nuts.
No... I don't understand and my day is now ruined...

JK! I get what you're saying and I'm interested! My goals aren't so grand as to hope for a lucrative youtube career (people actually say youtube career, like it's a thing, which it may be but also kinda blows my mind... some people certainly do well with it!), but I do have a bunch of gear and if people are interested I'm happy to share and answer questions. Also in line with that idea I'd welcome requests, like yours about sustaining some chords and some single notes to hear bloom, decay, etc. Great ideas! In fact, I'd really like everyone's input because it makes creating a demo easier than just thinking up random stuff that might hint at capabilities but doesn't really deliver what anyone wants.
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Stoked to have a Gemini coming again, I sold mine years ago and I’ve missed it! Grabbed a black one, I think that one looks totally badass. I really like that this time around all the editions seem to have the same transistors, so there was no pressure to get the super limited edition ones for the best sound.


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Remind me to never upset @urQuill.
You totally picked up that I needed the hoodie so that I could disguise myself while seeking vengeance but in a way that revealed some connection for those in need of having vengeance wreaked upon them between the wreaking and the reasons for it. But so much for that plan. When the disguise is sold out, what’s a humble vengeance-wreaker to do? :dunno

It’s a bleak, sad world some days. Sometimes I think you’re the only one who truly understands, Flatscan.


Was anyone in this group able to snag up a copper edition? If so will you accept my unborn child as payment? lol jk..... kinda :aok


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Was anyone in this group able to snag up a copper edition? If so will you accept my unborn child as payment? lol jk..... kinda :aok
I'll take your Gemini III for my Gemini IV...or is that a more lopsided trade than for your unborn?

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