Spawn Streetrod; Loop volume or bypassed?


Hey all,
I've been playing for many years, and recieve positive comments on my tone, no matter which of my amps I'm using. But boy do I know little about what my amps are really doing. I just read through the "Gain Structure" article on the Webzine, and it made me realize just how little I know about amps.
I have a recently aquired Splawn Streetrod. As many of you know it has, like plenty of other amps, a loop volume control, as well as a by-pass function. I've never had an amp with this feature. I'm not sure the best way to use this....using the loop for effects aside. Is it esentialy a MV when engaged? It is between the pre amp and PI/output section, correct?
I'm currently running the channel volume; the OD channel, for example, at around noon, then using the loop volume to control my overall vol. But between using the loop or by-passing it, which way is best to achieve a good mix of pre and output tube distortion? I know this will be "how loud can I go" dependant. How do you guys use this function if you have it?
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The hardest part for me was balancing the clean and dirty channel until I realized the volumes function differently in that mode......Scott kept telling me he designed the master in regular mode to be around half throttle so I was barely cracking the clean in the loop mode to compensate for the lower gain channel setting.

The front volumes become like a send and return in the loop mode and not sure I get it amp though. :anon

Actually like running it normal volume but I get a lot of this! :argue

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