Speaker and tubes for a Kalamazoo Model II?


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I'm thinking about putting in a new speaker and tubes in my newly acquired Model II. I don't get enough low end and the tone is a little bright for my tastes (especially with singles).

What's the difference between alnico and ceramic speakers?

Right now I'm mainly looking at Weber speakers--these specifically:

10A100 - $85
AlNiCo Signature 10 - $50
10F100 - $75 (Ceramic)

Would it be worth it to spring for the "vintage series" of the same speaker (10A100) or the ceramic version (10F100)? I've heard there isn't really any difference between alnico and ceramic speakers and the tone has more to do with the quality of the materials. So would it make more sense to spend an extra $25 and go for the Vintage ceramic 10" speaker(10F100) rather than the Alnico Sig10? I'm assuming the Vintage series uses higher quality materials? Or no?

As for the tubes, I want to get tubes that have a fuller bottom end with a tighter sweeter top end that isn't too bright and a balanced midrange. I'd also like to get relatively early breakup that breaks-up into fat, warm distortion. It doesn't need to get much distortion as I could always throw a pedal in there if I wanted more.

Another Kalamazoo owner recommened old GE tubes or something. I'd really prefer not to spend more than $20 per tube.

Any suggestions?


Just make sure that the speaker you buy will clear the trannie. The Kalamazoo Model 1 and 2 are a tight fit and my experience is that they never did or will have a lot of bottom end. A lot to do with the power, circuit and cabinet construction IMHO.

Obviously, some tubes will be stronger in the lows while tohers may be brighter. I've found that vintage RCA's or GE's can warm up an brighter amp to a small degree.


There is a difference in the sound between ceramic and alnico mag speakers. The alnico mag speaker will compress more when pushed, the ceramic will stay cleaner w/ less compression and tighter bottom end.

Which will work best for you depends a lot on the amp it goes in and even more on your personal tastes. IMHO I like alnicos in cathode biased amps, vintage amps like tweed Fenders, those with a raw distortion. I like ceramic in fixed bias amps and less vintage and british style amps and those with smoother distortion. For the extra 10 bucks I'd go with alnico in that amp, IF there is not a clearance issue. You might want to email Ted at Weber VST and get his opinion. He knows more about his speakers than anyone else.

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I honestly don't think a Model 2 will put much stress on any speaker. Not enough to bring out compression or other high-volume characteristics anyway. Ted Weber's descriptions are quite accurate. Trust what he says, and don't worry about $25 +/- for "vintage" specs.

Probably any '60s vintage American-made tubes will work fine. RCA, GE, Sylvania, etc. You don't have to buy NOS to get a great tube, so they won't cost a lot and you'll be able to afford to experiment a bit.

I miss my old Model 2. It was my first real amp. :(

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