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I have a combo amp that I want to run a head into i.e. use the head with the speaker cab section. The speaker cable coming from the speaker is too short for this application. Is there a cord that I can plug the end into to extend the length of the wire... like an extension cord?


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better to get a one piece speaker cable, as if it accidentally becomes unplugged....... amp likely go BOOM!

easy to make and cheap too.


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I always replace the speakers cables in my combos so I can run them from a head if wanted, but I also make up an extender just in case.

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Back in the old days, people would often use things like the electrical cord from a lamp. Just cut off the ends and solder some connectors. I bought a half stack years ago from a small music store, and I think they used an extension cable. Like the ones you plug into an outlet. 2 conductor. That's what it looked like to me, anyway. Someone had just soldered a pair of 1/4" jacks on both ends. In any case, it worked great with no problems for ten years. It probably still works great, but I gave it away when I sold the half stack. I have some specific 8ohm speaker cables, but for some reason, I believed that extension cable sounded better. I couldn't put my finger on why, so it may have just been the placebo effect, but I can certainly say it didn't sound any worse.


if your combo's speaker uses spade connectors you could just buy a whole new cable with spade connectors on one end and a jack on the other- i know award session in the UK offers them, not sure about the USA (but I'm guessing any cable company could make you one up).

that's if you're averse to soldering, like I am :D If you don't care about soldering you could do the same thing (presumably) with a speaker cable with a jack on one end and just the bare wires on the other.

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