Speaker Cable Question?? (Fender content)

Hi, own a Fender Prosonic combo and the speaker cable is crapping out. It is a 90 degree jack(plastic housing) to the 2 10" speakers. The jack and housing are loose, and the cable itself is too short, allowing it to pass very close to the tubes.

Can i wire up a metal jack and solder a standard speaker cable then split it to the 2 speakers? Any suggestions on cable brand? I assume the tip would be + and ground wire -? Any help, suggestions, diagrams would be a big help!

Thanks, Dave


Yes, you can and probably should from your description of your problem. The speaker cable is one place you don't want any disconnects or loss in continuity to occur while playing, as the results could be very damaging to the amp.

There's no reason you can't solder up a good speaker cable using a new metal jack and good cord. But IMO you don't need any special speaker cable, plain old two wire zip cord, often used for electric lamps, works just fine. I've used it many times, though I prefer to use the round two wire power cable I've robbed from old vacuum cleaners that folks have set out at the curb for the trash haulers to take away.

Some folks around here will argue that there is an audible difference between speaker cables, that special high quality (read "cost") cables can sound much better than low cost speaker cable or zip cord, and they can be very adamant about it.

So, let your ears and your wallet be your guide. But in any case, get a good sturdy and reliable cable/jack in place before you do some damage.
Thanks for your honest and informative reply. I know Radio shack sells speaker cable by the foot, and i would guess 14 guage would work the best for this app?

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