speaker choice for Traynor DH15 help needed


OK. My Traynor DH15 (Tweed to BF) needs a new speaker. I use the amp in the Pure mode. That means 15w no tone circuit, cathode bias kinda like a Tweed. Right now i play it through a WGS G12Q, a very light weight/doped 20w. To me it sounds like a good old Jensen clone but it's not exactly cutting it. It needs a speaker with more mids, say british voiced, but not V30 spike. I was thinking Greenback but i think that's too 'narrow' minded. Also, i don't want to go overboard on the wattage. I have only 15w to play with and not enough power to drive a heavy (heavily) doped speaker.
I have eliminated the following: Emi 'Cannabis Rex' (very smooth, too polite), Alnicos (like the Blue etc), and basically anything above 60w.
I am considering the following 12": Emi: Legend GB128 (50w), Alessandro GA-sc64 (i really like the 10" variant in my Fender amp), and Private Jack. WGS Green Beret. I'm unsure about Celestion speakers in general, do not like the V30 or Creamback type and the Greenback is to narrow minded.
I play country/blues/rock and roll. I think my AC/DC days are over..:D.I go easy on the pedals and like the classic edge of valve breakup.

Any suggestions?

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