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Speaker for '68 Princeton NR?


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Hey all,

I've got a '68 Princeton NR that I have been using as my bedroom amp of late. I got it from a friend in some pretty rough shape and had my tech fix it up, but ran out of money and had to throw an old Jensen MOD 10" speaker that I had laying around.

It sounds ok, but I'm looking for something a bit bigger, fuller and clearer sounding. I know some people recommend a 12" but right now I am sticking with the 10" as the baffle is not removable and going with a 12" would require me to get a new baffle made and new grillcloth/logo, etc...which I am not interested in right now.

Any suggestions for a 10" speaker that would sound good with this amp - something for rock/blues?



I've got a '65 Princeton NR and i put an Eminence Copperhead in it. To my ears, it sounds just like a Princeton's supposed to sound. Nice, warm and woody. And it gets pretty loud, too.....and the Eminence stays clean all the way to the top--which is the primary characteristic of the Princeton NR.



I've got a 68' NR with the 12" baffle and a G12H30 and a 79' Reverb with the 10" Rajun Cajin - I would recommend either/both to anyone without reservation - my favourite amps of all time (if size didn't sometimes matter).:rimshot
I like the sound of the Scumback SA10M.I have one in a 1965 Princeton NR.Totally awesome.Recommended by Jim Seavall.The studio guys love this 10" speaker,and I get why....


I'm from the Weber camp- I have 10F150t in both my Princetons. Tight lows, smooth highs and it can get loud if need be.
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I've got the Weber 10A150 Alnico in mine. I use this amp with my pedal board and the Alnico really handles the overdrive pedals well.

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