Speaker for low watt low volume use


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How do I choose a speaker specifically for low volume usage to keep the bottom end tight, highs chimey, and mids popping?

Low efficiency?
No dope?

Any suggestions for a speaker that still pops at conversation to loud TV volumes?


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It's hard and the answer is not really in the speaker even thou I think hemp cones are better at low volumes. Basically at low volumes your not pushing speaker enough to make it behave like a speaker should so you have to fake it. Think of the Yamaha THR boom box amps. Go to about 4min in.

You basically have to totally redo you EQ curve for ultra low volume. Get a pedal that has a built in cabinet simulator. Use that sim and redo your EQ with it. They basically use a low pass on top end that gets rid of fizz and then they plump up lower mids. Tech 21 blond or Liverpool, morley JD-10.


For that kind of volume you might be better off with old speakers out of organs, tube radios or other old stuff. I have some smooth cone Rola 10s out of a Hammond tone cab that work well (for me) at low volume.

Now the warning. If your going to try old speakers get them cheap. You may hate them, they may not work at all or you might get crazy crank the volume when the wifes gone and blow them.

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